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      Nick Grant

      The excellent Lightbucket blog has a good summary of reviews, video etc relating to David MacKays book Sustainable Energy Without Hot air and an interesting transcript of a radio interview with Rebecca Willis of the Sustainable Development Commission.

      “Rebecca Willis started by complaining that the book “boils it all down to giant equations”, and then she developed this point into an extended argument against providing quantitative information…”


      I do keep hearing variations on the argument 'Anyone can come along with a load of facts and numbers . . . ' !!!

      I have always struggled with maths but if we question the validity of arithmetic we are doomed (not my word of choice!).


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      Julia Bennett

      Thanks for that Nick.

      That's the 2nd recommendation for the book in a week so I'm off to read it, to see if 'we are all doomed'.
      (Somehow that comes out in a very Scottish accent, even for me).
      I can't believe you feel you struggle with Maths though…


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