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    I will need to buy internal blinds for a new build property soon. Sad to say the new, double glazed windows are not great, U(w)=1.4. Blinds are needed as some windows overlooked so I'm wondering if there is the possibility of improving thermal and acoustic performance.

    Online searches suggest 'duette' type blinds are marketed as energy saving for both winter heat retention and summer heat rejection. The pockets of air trapped by the concertina material must provide some insulation but I am thinking this must be minimal because of the open ends of the 'cells'. Manufacturers are happy to claim energy saving properties but do not give any figures of test results to back this up. These blinds are expensive but some of the cost would be offset as cheaper, roller blinds will be bought otherwise.

    Do any members have any experience of these blinds? Are there any other suggestions for energy saving blinds? (Secondary glazing is not a desired option). Does anyone know a good value manufacturer of energy saving blinds? Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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