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      Would it not be a good idea for AECB to prepare a 'model' environmental policy statement for members? (or for members to collaborate on developing one through this forum – consider this the beginning of the process…)
      Many AECB members are small firms or individuals, with strong personal environmental principles and practices.
      As we grow, we may well need to conform to Local Authority or other client's policies on only employing contractors with stated policies.
      All the big firms have (more or less cynically) got policies, simply because they have to present them to client bodies (more or less cynically requested!).
      We should have ones that are possibly more heartfelt, even if they don't contain commitments to spending money on external audits…
      From a brief web search, I can't find any suitable public domain models, and I think it would be a good thing if there were one!

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      Have sent this round the committee and staff to get some thoughts!

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