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      As posted in the recent AECB newsletter, this is the place to ask any questions or post any comments about the new Books section of the AECB website. 

      You'll see we've made several changes in the way the Books section of the website is organised, added more books and aimed at making it more user-friendly. 

      Enjoy browsing the website and let us know what you like or don't like, what works and what doesn't and what you would like to see or do on the website. 


      Eric Parks 

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      Do you think it'd be worth AECB setting up an Amazon affiliate account?

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      Hi Tahir –

      Thanks for your question.  I've had a brief look at Amazon's website to find out more about what it would mean to become an affiliate.  Maybe is the short answer to your question. 

      Affiliation appears simple enough to do, the questions in my mind are related mainly to whether or not the AECB as an organisation feels affiliation would be beneficial / appropriate and the benefits of joining.     

      I'll get some feedback from a few committee members / forum moderators to see what their thoughts are on affiliation and get back to you soon.

      (Any other forum visitors reading this feel free to chime in with an opinion on Amazon affiliation as well…)


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      I know Amazon isn't perhaps the automatic ethical choice but unfortunately we've tried to set up affilaite schemes with a couple of smaller more ethical concerns at Downsizer and they just sort of lose interest before things have been agreed. I spent two months chasing one of them before I gave up.

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      We are already an amazon associate, I was not very clear when planning the system with Eric – I gave the impression that the “buy” link you see on each book was just a link. In fact if you look at the link address it includes the amazon associate id for the AECB.
      Any books that are bought by clicking through the AECB website will provide a contribution to the AECB.
      If anyone thinks it worth while, we could put an explanation up on the site itself. A more descriptive link perhaps?
      Thanks for raising it though…

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      I think a little note somewhere in the books section explaining that the buy link redirects you to Amazon and will result in a commission for AECB would be useful

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