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    Tom Foster

    email just received from Dr Craig Jones:

    “I'm writing with a brief status update about the Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE) embodied energy and carbon database. As you may know the database hasn't been available for download on the University of Bath website for well over a year.

    I'm therefore writing to let you know that the new official download page for the ICE database is now It can still be downloaded for free.

    The latest version of the ICE database is version 2.0, which was released in 2011. Please make sure that you're not using an older version (we have recently discovered that many people are still using v1.6a). The ICE database has been downloaded by over 15,000 people from around the world. However, unfortunately it doesn't have any present funding. We are therefore working on options to update the database that will also keep it free and independent. We are also considering to send out a short survey, which would help to support an update.

    Finally, some of you may be interested to hear that April 7-11th has been nominated as ‘Embodied Carbon Week’. In support of this week I am running a free short webinar on ‘What is 1 tonne of CO2e?’, for further details please see

    I will keep you updated in regards to the ICE database”

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