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    Hi all,

    Can someone give me some pointers concerning sizing of intake and exhaust louvres for a commercial MVHR?

    The flow is around 2400m3/h3.

    For non-PH buildings I would normally design to the following;
    External weather louvre with A-rating rain protection
    Approx 1.5m/s face velocity for intake (keep low to prevent rain being pulled in)
    Approx 2 m/s face velocity for exhaust

    These parameters give a healthy pressure drop (less than 20Pa) on the louvre.

    The problem is, to get these velocities requires a large duct diameter (800mm), which increases the area for heat loss quite considerably.

    From my understanding, for PH dwellings, velocities of circa 3m/s are ok for intakes/exhausts.

    What do people think?


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