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    Ben Gorman

    Here is Question 7, along with my thoughts about how to answer it. I don’t know whether or not I have the correct answer. I would be really interested in your comments.

    Be aware that the online quiz tends to change the order of the answer options.

    **** QUIZ QUESTION ****

    Roof Void
    Quiz question 7
    There is evidence of damp in the roof void: sometimes when looking up from the loft hatch there are droplets of water evenly spread across the surface of the bituminous roofing felt and stains on the edges of the rafters close to the felt. Why might this be?
    1. Wind blown rain is being driven under the slates and the roofing felt is degrading over time allowing water ingress.
    2. Warm moist internal air is penetrating the first floor ceiling and condensing on the relatively cold surfaces.
    3. There is inadequate ventilation in the roof void

    **** MY THOUGHTS ****

    Droplets are evenly spread across the surface of the felt so it could be ingress from the slates or from condensation from warm air in the house. Better ventilation in roof void would help to overcome the problem.

    Tim Gilbert

    Hi Ben,

    The even nature of the water drops implies to me that the weatherproofing of the roof is not the cause, both the other answers are likely to be correct.


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