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      Paul Forrester

      It’s possible that I’ve misunderstood something, but just wanted to pick up on what seem to be a couple of small inconsistencies between the text in lesson 4.5 and questions in the homework.

      In section 3 of lesson 4.5, where there is no cavity the thermal envelope is described as the “outermost face of a material in direct contact with the insulation”. Yet, on Q9 of the homework, I selected answer A (which I thought matched that description) and got it wrong.

      Option D of Q14 shows a reveal of 130mm. The text in lesson 4.5 describing what should or shouldn’t be counted says, “greater than 130mm” so I didn’t select option D; that also proved incorrect.

      Has anybody else picked up on these or have I misread something?

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      Tim Gilbert

      Hi Paul,

      In question 9, The outermost face, or in the case of a floor the lowermost face, on a material in contact with the insulation is option B.

      In question 12 either my eyesight is causing a problem again or answers A and B are identical.

      In question 14 you literally have a borderline case. The reveal is 130mm. The rule says if greater than 130mm then ignore. 130mm is not greater than 130mm, therefore do not ignore.

      It’s a cruel world.


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      Paul Forrester

      Thanks Tim,

      I seem to have got it in my head that “in direct contact with the insulation” literally means the very next layer on the external side of the insulation – hence choosing the option for question 9 relating to the sand blinding layer.

      Hadn’t spotted that about question 12, I must admit!


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