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    Apologies if this should be attached to an older thread on this subject.

    Does anybody know anything about “ATI Groupe Multicouche” which seems to be a French multifoil product available here?

    Or is it Tri-Iso 9 in disguise?

    Nick Grant
    Tom Foster

    “The ASA sought expert advice. The expert said, if the claim was accurate, that meant the TS10 multifoil insulation was performing three times better than he would have expected from well-established testing and standardisation procedures.

    He said the test chalets were well designed and constructed and the instrumentation and data recording techniques were appropriate. The results suggested that the chalet with walls and roof lined with TS10 used 19.1% more energy than the one similarly lined with 200 mm”

    So – not equiv to 200, let alone 210 of min wool, but still a hell of a lot better than ” would have expected from well-established testing and standardisation procedures”.

    That is interesting. Seems like MF is being ever more successfully discredited, by technicalities like
    “TRADA's in-situ testing and neural network modelling (the Q-Mark Scheme) was approved and accredited by UKAS. However, we noted that it was not accredited or approved at the time the testing sent to support the claims was undertaken”

    But the wood is being missed for the trees. There really is something interesting here, which the conventional insulation industry has won the battle to suppress.

    Sad – I dared to specify MF while its supporters like boffin Paul Mitton of Euroform were hot on it, testing and producing evidence and arguments with seeming success towards the establishment of new European testing principles and facilities. But now that they have all admitted defeat (Paul now kicked upstairs as MD of Euroform, having been bought by Sheffield Insulations, selling Euroform's mundane other products like CPB and false chimney kits) I feel there's no backing, so I don't specify MF any more.

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