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      Dan Gravell

      I just modelled my current house. It is not a low energy house (in fact it’s a Craphaus). It does have reasonably large S facing windows. These rooms “overheat” (my subjective definition) for probably 10 days or so a year in total.

      PHPP gives the overheating frequency (to 25C, too high IMO) as 0.1%.

      My understanding is that this is an average (as discussed: http://www.peterwarm.co.uk/10-most-common-phpp-mistakes/ ). So this number might seem closer to the truth.

      However, how much use is it? It’s not much good if you have rooms you can’t sleep in during the summer. How do others do their overheating analysis? Are there tricks to cutting up the PHPP, e.g. model a house with just the S facing rooms?

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