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    James Allen

    Chat with members of the Oxford group here.

    Andy Mackay

    Hi AECB Oxfordshire group,

    I am a new member and an AECB and Passivehaus Trust Member. I would like to invite the group to see a CLT self build certified Passivehaus project with great eco and airtight credentials. I am a CLT and timber house builder and currently building a CLT Passivehaus in Upper Quinton, near Stratford upon Avon. If anyone is interested to visit do let me know.

    Look forward to meeting the Oxfordshire AECB group.

    Kind regards,

    Andy Mackay
    07393 507350


    Hi AECB Oxfordshire Group,

    I am an AECB member and have just moved to Oxfordshire and would be very interested to know what other AECB members are getting on with in the area. I am definitely interested in Andy Mackay’s generous post above and, likewise, I look forward to meeting the Oxfordshire AECB group sometime soon.
    Happy Christmas and have a great 2019,
    Best wishes,
    Nigel Worlidge

    Andy Mackay

    Invitation International Passivhaus Open Day
    The most airtight residential house in the UK, Larch Corner, q50 m3.h @ 0.041, n50 ac.h @0.048
    Green roof, Solar panels, Air heat source pump, Eco friendly and sustainable materials
    Please join us during the international Passivhaus open day, Friday 28th, Sat 29th and Sunday 30th June, from 9:00 to 17:00 every day, Larch Corner, CV37 8TB
    An incredible journey for every self builder and future eco warriors, aiming for a sustainably and brighter house building future.

    So, do join us and discover what benefits Passivhaus and CLT (cross laminated timber) houses achieve.

    See you there.

    Andy Mackay
    07393 507350

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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