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    X Wookey

    A friend of mine lives in a hard-to-treat building in central Liverpool. She is very green-minded and happy to spend serious money if necessary, but is also very worried about doing long-term damage to the building which is listed and notable. This has prevented her actually doing anything significant about insulating a very poorly-insulated building so far.

    I have given her some advice and suggestions about using moisture-open materials for wall and floor insulation but what she really needs is someone with proper experience/expertise in buildings like this to come round and give authoratative advice, work out a proper refurb program, and possibly supervise getting it done.

    Is there someone in the AECB who provides this sort of service and would like to be put in touch? Is this section of the forum the right place to ask?

    Some background (although I don't know all the details):
    It has stone/stone-faced solid walls with brick+cement+plaster inner surface. It is an ex-mausoleum (and later public toilets) approx 100-150yrs old, on solid rock and with no DPC, with sash windows.
    Refurb so far consists of internal secondary glazing (huge improvement), condensing boiler, woodstove, inverted roof insulation (XPS) behind parapets on porch roofs, and a great deal of roof-leak fixing.

    It's a small building (32m2 upstairs, 40m2 ground floor) so getting decent insulation levels with IWI whilst not taking too much space or generating a damp problem makes it an interesting building to treat.


    Hi Wookey,

    I live in Chester so not far away at all and can offer some advice if your friend is still interested.



    07703 504381

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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