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    John Daglish

    I have to unfortunately put a horizontal (to slope) downpipe approx 15m long through the thermal envelope of the house entering vertically through a terrace and exiting through the back wall underground to a rainwater storage & detention tank. I cannot route the pipe on the outside as the building is built wall to wall with the neighbouring properties. Vertically through the ground slab and horizontally the detention tank is too deep to provide infiltration as it is the clay layer. I could pump to a higher level but I am keen to avoid this potential failure point. 100% infiltration of rain water is mandatory.

    How should this be best modeled in PHPP as the water will run through the pipe when it rains and the ambiant air can enter the pipe?

    I am thinking of minimising the diameter by using siphonic drainage, adding insulation to the pipe inside the building (how much), and perhaps using a floating polystyrene “plug” that seals the pipe a bit at terrace level.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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