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      Hello –

      As this is the first posting for this topic it is mainly a general call for input to get things rolling. 

      With regards to the topic of 'Literature & resources' and the abundant amount of material on all things 'green' in the world of building etc. out there:

      Do you feel there are certain topics that haven't been covered enough or that merit more attention?

      Are there certain issues that you feel have received 'too much attention' (if there can be such a thing) and perhaps need to be reconsidered from different / new points of view?

      Are there any particular books, websites etc that AECB members have found particularly interesting / enlightening/ useful and would recommend them to others? 

      I'll leave it there for now but am interested to see if there are any other questions or topics other forum members are interested in discussing. 

      Eric Parks

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      Nick Grant


      Is that the Architect Herzog as in Laban Centre (sp?). perhaps you can blag a review copy??

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