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      Peter Draper

      Rounded Developments Enterprises in Cardiff have created a new sustainable building wiki called http://www.sustainablebuildingresource.com. The wiki is designed to be a self-help reference point where people who have experience in sustainable building can post up their advice, knowledge and key tips about their particular build project.

      The hope is that it will gradually build up a large database of experiential knowledge that can be used by others to guide them through the processes of sustainable building.

      RDE has provided the framework and site (thanks to a grant from Environment Wales) and now is looking to AECB members to add content so that the wiki can realise its potential. There will be links back to the AECB Forum so that we do not replicate this well known and important source of information.

      So please take the time to share your experiences and knowledge with others so that we stop re-inventing the wheel and learn from each other in a positive way.

      Many thanks and we hope to see the wiki grow quickly and positively.


Viewing 0 reply threads
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