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    Mark Siddall

    As a specifier it is always difficult to find who supplies and imports Passivhaus Certified Doors and Windows. I fought that it would be useful if forum users helpnto create a directory. No sales pitches just the simple facts (who supplies in the UK, what Certified door and windows they offer, and the contact details.) I've set up a couple of examples below. I'd be interested to hear other names that could be added to the list.

    A few words of clarification:
    The Passivhaus Institute use the term “Passivhaus Certified Suitable.” A product must be certified, or be certifiable, for it to be considered suitable. There are some dubious suppliers that are telling people that their products are “suitable” when in fact they do not satisfy all of the certification criteria. It is for this reason the only suppliers of Certified products should be listed below.

    Green Building Store (Passivhaus certified windows: Enersign, Alphawin, doors: Frostkorken)
    T: 01484 461705
    W: http://www.greenbuildingstore.co.uk

    CP Joinery Store (Passivhaus certified windows)
    T: 01244 550444
    W: http://www.cpjoinery.co.uk/PassivhausWindows.aspx

    Passiv Consultants (Variotec Passivhaus certified windows)
    M: +44 (0) 7887881508
    W: http://www.passivconsultants.co.uk

    GreenSteps Ltd / GreenSteps Eco-Products Ltd (Guttman Mira Therm Passivhaus certified windows)
    T: 01621 740591
    W: http://www.greensteps.co.uk


    My company is

    EcoHaus SW Ltd, Official partner with Internorm, manufacturers of 8 certified windows and doors:
    (Edition Passiv, Thermo Passiv, Dimension4, Varion4 Flush Design Passiv, Varion4 Vetro Design Passiv, Edition4 Passiv, Selection Door, Selection2 Door)
    T: 01453 837330
    W: http://www.ecohausinternorm.com (new website nearly finished!)
    We have a large showroom with over 20 windows and doors on display in GL6 0BE.


    My company is The Passivhaus Store. We are the UK licensed partners of Energate certified windows and doors.
    Types 1042[+] all wood, 1202[+] wood-alu windows and doors and 1042[+] Historic line
    T: 0345 257 1540
    W: http://www.passivhausstore.co.uk
    E: windows@passivhausstore.co.uk

    Mike Jacob

    Pazen (Futur-Maxi = PH certified model)
    Available in the UK through Pazen UK
    Enquire on 0118 9511465


    Rachel Mitchell

    Can anyone advise of a certified passivhaus window and door which also meets secured by design
    many thanks

    Mark Siddall

    As far as I am aware only one window type (Edition) from Internorm is actually certified as Secured by Design. Also, to my knowledge, none of the doors are certified.


    I am having Rehau Geneo PH certified windows supplied and installed by Solent Glazing which are Secured by Design and I believe the Rehau doors are Secured by Design also.


    As of Monday this week, GreenSteps Passivhaus windows and doors are certified under the enhanced security BM Trada Q Mark scheme, meaning they are tested to BS7950 (windows) and PAS 23&24 (doors) and the factory is audited by BM Trada, so they are therefore suitable for Secured by Design developments (CSH Level 6 etc.)

    Mark Siddall

    Please specify which product of window and door you are refering to. Also, please could you confirm that the Passivhaus windows are actually Passivhaus Certified.



    Hello Mark
    Sorry, I've only just seen your reply.

    The window's brand name is the GreenSteps Passivhaus Window – see http://www.greenstepswindows.com/windows1.html. They are 78mm Euro profile tilt & turn windows with the Gutmann Mira Therm 08 insulated aluminium cladding system. This is a Passivhaus certified system.

    Likewise the GreenSteps Passivhaus Doors use a 78mm timber profile and the same Gutmann insulated aluminium cladding system. See http://www.greenstepswindows.com/entrance-doors.html for more information.

    They are being used on the Lancaster Co-Housing project at the moment and the airtightness ratings being achieved on the completed buildings so far have been around 0.3 – 0.35. We're planning a free seminar on airtightness at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in conjunction with the installers. This will hopefully take place in November, so I'll post details here if people would be interested to know.

    Kind regards

    Mark Siddall

    It would be REALLY useful if the Passivhaus Certificates were made available in the site. (It's really anoying having to keep chasing people for what should be basic information.)


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