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    Terry Hyland

    Hi everyone. Can you help please? My current mode of DHW is via a 14 year old LPG fired Worcester instantaneous water heater which, during cold weather does not heat the incoming mains pressure water to an adequate temperature (even when the flow is restricted). I had PVs recently installed, I was considering installing a ELDOM (Bulgarian) http://www.eldominvest.com/en/product/239.html electric unvented water heater linked to a solar iboost device http://www.solariboost.co.uk/, the iboost device automatically turns on when the PVs are generating. I plan to install the unvented water heater after the the LPG water heater (as it is still serviceable) thus pre-heating the water, with the supply ultimately taken from the unvented electric water heater.

    Two questions to all you services experts :):
    1. Is this a sensible idea?!
    2. Has anybody any experience and/or knowledge of ELDOM

    Many thanks in advance of any responses.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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