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    Phil Bixby

    Hi Folks

    I use Vectorworks for 3D design and am planning on using the Energos plug-in for modelling my next PH project, but am concerned about how close to PHPP it actually is. Broad strategy is to use Energos (and common sense and experience) for the basic design and refinement, and once it's all pretty close to sorted export it as a SketchUp model into DesignPH for final fettling, updating during construction testing, and then final certification PHPP (thus, hopefully, avoiding having to manually input everything again). Has anyone out there started using VW/Energos and have experience of how it works? I'm keen to streamline the whole number-crunching process, but equally keen to avoid creating an insufficiently-useful extra layer of work, if Energos isn't close enough to PHPP…

    Many thanks for any help!
    Phil B

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