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    Kate Ball

    Can anyone offer me some advice on resources and so forth to study?
    I've been involved in one EnerPHit refurb (Thornhill Road, Derby), since when we've gone from 2 to 4 kids, all home educated, which kind of made time tight for a while. I've now got a bit of time to spare- maybe 5 hours per week at the moment but gradually increasing- and would like to get studying in preparation for maybe moving house in 18 months- 2 years (we don't want to live in a non-Passivhaus for a minute longer than necessary… and doing the building bits is just too much fun also).
    My background is sciencey- but the wrong sort- I was a science teacher and have been brushing my maths back up to A level standard or so- and I'd love to find out how to do stuff like dew point calcs, basic thermal modelling, even just how to approach structural calcs. Or frankly to do anything else which is likely to be useful in understanding where to start with either a new build or another retrofit. I'm particularly concerned about issues around internal insulation in case that comes up next time.
    Has anyone got any ideas where I should start to look? Mr Google and the MOOC providers are strangely thin on the ground for advice on this!

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