Freedom of Information Laws

The government want to introduce fees – of up to £600! – for people who use Freedom of Information laws to find out the truth about what they’re doing.

The Freedom of Information law means that journalists, academics and campaigners can find out what the government is really up to. The list of scandals it has helped laid bare is endless: it exposed the MP expenses scandal, helped uncover details of historic child abuse allegations and revealed the huge number of NHS contracts being handed out to profit-hungry companies.

38 Degrees is a movement of people fighting to make our democracy work better. We hold our politicians to account, and make sure that politicians hear the voices of ordinary people. But we can’t do that if we’re shut out. Unless we stop this dodgy cover up, it’s going to be even harder to now what politicians are getting up to in our name.

Please can you sign the petition calling on the government to protect FOI?