Fuel Poverty Consultation Response

Last month the AECB responded to the government’s consultation on its fuel poverty strategy (Cutting the Cost of Keeping Warm: a new fuel poverty strategy for England). The AECB urged DECC to:

  • Aim for deeper retrofits than the published targets of EPC E,D and C by 2020, 2025 and 2030 respectively
  • Prioritise occupant health, which means addressing moisture movement and air quality in parallel with insulation and heating
  • Take steps to ensure that performance is delivered in reality, s well as on paper

The AECB warned the government that current fuel poverty programmes are wholly inadequate, and it simply was not possible to sustain the level of investment needed mostly or entirely on the back of electricity bills as happens at present and as was proposed in the strategy.

A much wider strategy is needed, and to that end AECB welcomed DECC’s recognition that tackling fuel poverty potentially offers significant economic, social, health and welfare benefits. The AECB therefore urged the government to use these benefits to justify and resource a much more ambitious home energy efficiency programme.

To view the full response click here

To view the DECC consultation: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/cutting-the-cost-of-keeping-warm-a-new-fuel-poverty-strategy-for-england