Greenshop Group

Roger Budgeon of Greenshop Group has won the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s award for ‘outstanding contribution to nature in Gloucestershire by a business leader’. This is part of the GWT’s ‘Nature Works’ Business Awards 2013 celebrating the efforts made by local businesses to work with and enhance the nature environment.  This award reflects Roger’s commitment to the environment, both at home, and within the Greenshop Group in Bisley.

The Greenshop Group are also pleased to announce that Rainharvesting Systems Ltd has won the 2013 Sustainable Water Industry Group’s award for the ‘Non-Domestic Retrofit’ category.  This follows on from the award which they gained in 2011 for the system that supplies water to the vehicle washing plant for Cardiff Bus.

This award is for the supply of the 100,000-litre harvesting system to the Wrigley chewing gum factory in Plymouth.  They now use rainwater instead of mains water in their cooling towers, and have calculated that they are capturing enough rainwater to supply a third of the water required.  Thanks to this system Wrigleys can expect to see much lower water bills, as well as reinforcing their commitment to the environment.  A win-win situation!greenshop2