Hampshire Local Group News

In December, the Hampshire Group met up at the premises of Greenwood (owned by Zehnder) in Sussex.  This was attended by only half a dozen AECB members as it was on the evening of a great storm on the south coast when only the brave or mad (or both) ventured out.  However, it is planned to have another, similar event during the coming months, following the success of this one organised by Hampshire Group Leader, Brian Layton.

Those attending learned much from both the technical presentation as well as the tour of the MVHR training facilities and exhibition areas of ventilation products. It was an opportunity to see mock-ups of the various parts of the installations and have frank discussions amongst ourselves as well as the Zehnder ‘techie’ guys on hand. Although Zehnder concentrates on products for Passivhaus – it is a founder member of the UK Passivhaus Trust – Greenwood has been designing ventilation systems for many years in the UK and the meeting also touched on various options for buildings where a high level of airtightness is not possible/viable.

All in all it was a most enjoyable evening, and although members did manage to get home through the storm, it would not have been the worst place to be stranded – warm and well ventilated and with plenty of eats and drinks!