How To Design and Build Passivhaus

Steel Farm Passivhaus has succeeded in getting through to the final round of the UK Passivhaus Trust Awards. To celebrate this occasion Mark Siddall, the architect, has created a short 3 part video series about the project. Watch the videos and you will discover:

  • How to build a Passivhaus in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and overcome onerous planning restrictions
  • Why integrating a dashboard into the Passivhaus Planning Package is the fastest and most cost effective way for your architect to test whether your project can satisfy the Passivhaus Standard
  • An easy way to create a home/office that maintains a professional appearance and maintains your family’s privacy
  • A lasting change that has transformed Judith’s life – simply because she lives in a Passivhaus
  • A critical strategy for saving money and reducing risk
  • Whether or not building a Passivhaus has to break the bank
  • The real cost of heating a Passivhaus, and which heating system is best suited to a remote rural location
  • Whether insulation really causes overheating and how much overheating really occurs in a Passivhaus located in the North East of England
  • The results from almost 12 months of measuring and monitoring – and how the analysis will inform the next design
  • Whether or not the air in a Steel Farm Passivhaus is too dry¬† …and whether the harsh North East climate increases the risk of dry air discomfort
  • Why Trevor is now wondering what his new hobby should be …and how living in a Passivhaus could leave you with the same dilemma
  • How you can experience what it is like to live in a Passivhaus (for free)
  • The one thing that your building contractor can not do without
  • The two things that your architect should avoid doing …in any buildingIMG_0063

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