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The AECB’s Retrofit Knowledgebase is an online collection of reports, articles, research papers and case studies which AECB members can download or read online.
  • The Retrofit Knowledgebase literally brings a library of building knowledge to your fingertips.
  • Better still, it’s quick and easy to call up a list of articles on a given topic when you need it.
  • Read the overview or download the whole document.
The papers and articles cover a wide range of topics and sub-topics which are relevant to low energy and sustainable buildings. You can browse through the list or use various search functions to find articles in the following categories and sub-categories:
  • Construction features e.g. ground floors, insulation, masonry walls, roofs, basements
  • Environmental systems e.g. heating & ventilation systems, energy targets & monitoring
  • Risk points e.g. moisture in materials, indoor air quality, mould, the performance gap
  • Type of information e.g. standards & codes, design & construction guidance, technical references

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