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The AECB has a number of Local Groups across the country, providing an opportunity to meet with both AECB members and interested non-members. Meetings vary in style and are still evolving in format Рthere is much expertise and a diversity of views to be found through the opportunity to interact with people keen to share their knowledge related to different aspects of sustainable building.
Local Group events take the form of site visits, CPD seminars (Continued Professional Development), guest speakers or as purely social gatherings –¬† providing AECB members and invited guests with a unique opportunity to network and share knowledge and experience with others.

“The group visits are hugely rewarding, not only do you see live projects but you meet so many interesting people who are passionate about building and keen to share their knowledge and experience” Tabitha, Supporting Individual, Powys

To find out more about a group near to you, please click below. (Please note we are currently adding groups to this list so please email us if you would like to discuss a group in your area or you would like to set one up).

Birmingham group

Brighton group

Bristol group

Cambridgeshire group

Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire

Cornwall and Devon group

Cumbria group

Essex and Suffolk group

Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire group (3 counties)

Hampshire group

Irish group

Kent group

Lancashire group

London group

Milton Keynes group

Newcastle group (North East)

Norfolk and Suffolk group

Oxford group

Surrey group

Wales group

Yorkshire group

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