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What do we do? We are looking to re-invigorate this group so if you would like to be part of it or have any ideas and suggestions, do get in touch.  Chris the group leader says ; “I am keen to get the group moving again and see the local groups as in important part of the AECB and its activities.  I think the many opportunities the local groups present to members to network, or just plain socialise, is as important to them as to the organisation if not industry as a whole. I really want to get through to the young just entering the industry as well and they after all are our future.


Meet the group leader:

Wales group leaderHi, I’m Chris Lord-Smith and I joined the AECB in 1990, after reading about its launch in the building press.  I am a carpenter by trade and had been working in Yorkshire for a large building company as a contracts manager prior to moving back to Wales.  I had become increasingly concerned about the damage being done to the environment by the construction industry, the use of unsustainable materials and the sheer level of waste that was endemic in the industry, along with issues of resource depletion, global warming, etc.

At the time I was renovating a 1600s small farm house and found the AECB a really good source of information, advice and contacts.  In the early 90s I set up a small building company specialising in environmentally sensitive renovation and got involved with solar thermal installations as well.  By 2004 the renewable industry was starting to take off and I decided to concentrate on solar thermal and later on PV and biomass installations which I continued until 2014.  I am semi-retired now but still service systems for customers.

I joined the board of what were then the trustees for the AECB in the mid 90s and helped with the process of transforming the AECB from a voluntary organisation into a company limited by guarantees, but left the board as the pressures of running a small company became too great to be able to put the effort into the board that the AECB deserved. 

I also set up and published the AECB newsletter (Network) in 2002 and continued to do so until 2015.  This was initially by post (yes we did send out over 1000 by post!), but later it became an email newsletter.  In addition we (Maia my partner and I) used to promote the AECB at various events, including Glastonbury Festival for about 10 years and for a couple of years helped to organise the AGM finding suitable venues.”

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There are no upcoming events at this time.


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    Chat with members of the Wales group here. If you need a reminder of your log in details just email here.

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    Emily Dibdin

    Hello? Is there anyone there?
    We are based in Swansea and in the planning stage for a deep retrofit of a 1985 house.


    Benedicte Foo

    Hi Emma

    Thanks for kicking this off. I lived in North Wales for several years and though based in Cambridge at the moment, am starting a complete renovation of a stone cottage in Gwynedd–so though it’s all v different from what you are embarking on in Swansea I am making contact!

    Would very much like to chat with anyone who has experience of cottages with random rubble walls, onto shaley ground with no foundations to speak of and their take on insulation and finishes to ground floor and stone walls.

    All best


    Emily Dibdin

    Hi Benedicte,

    Sounds exciting! There’s some stuff on the forums and I’m sure you’re linked with the guys at CAT who aren’t so far from your cottage? I think they’d have lots of connections and info. Not straightforward sorting that kind of house but rather a lovely challenge to have. (Long trek for you from Cambridge though!)

    Hope some more knowledgable people jump into this discussion…




    Hi Emily and Benedicte

    Glad to see your posts, I am Chris the organiser of the local group for wales and we are currently working on plans to rejuvenate the group and will let you know when and what we are planning in the near future, be good to meet you.

    As far as working on Rubble Walls etc, I would suggest that the best contact for advice, materials and also courses would be Ty Mawr Lime, based in Brecon who have huge amounts of experience in this kind of work.

    All the best



    Benedicte Foo

    Hi Chris

    Thanks–I had the feeling there was a previous Wales group. Good to hear it will be rejuvenated.

    Thanks also for the suggestion about Ty Mawr lime. I will follow up.

    Can you help me with a technical question on the aecb website? I seem to remember we used to be able to see/download drawings but now when I see discussions and people say: ‘you might find this detail helpful’ there is no drawing nor attachment. How do I get to the info?

    All best



    Hi Benedicte, hopefully I can help you with this. Please could you email me with the text and links in question so I can find what you are looking for? Many thanks Emma


    If i can be of any help, let me know, would be good to have a rejuvenated group.



    Emily Dibdin

    It would be good to know who’s around in Wales and whereabouts.
    Our project is a refurb in Swansea and any local connections would be very useful; but it would also be great to just find out what else is going on and what interested projects there are in Wales (lots, I think).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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