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The AECB Hampshire Group has been dormant for some years and relaunched in 2018. Our aim is to bring together local expertise to allow exchange of ideas and a growth in understanding to ensure the delivery of the most sustainable built solutions whether refurbishments, new build or simply the addition of renewable technologies to help people achieve their carbon reduction targets.

Hampshire has a rich seam of experience and expertise and a wide range of projects and investment expected over the immediate future across the spectrum of residential through to industrial clients with very large development investments.

Ideas and suggestions for the group are very welcome, contact the group leader below.

Meet the group leader:

Hi, my name is Martin Evans, I’m a Civil Engineer by training and have spent the majority of my working life within the building industry. I started my interest in low energy within the housing market back in the 90’s. We moved into the hotel sector having identified it as very high energy users where client satisfaction is everything, so compromise on standards isn’t an option, real energy savings must be achieved without downgrading the customer experience. This work led to us designing the first green hotel for Whitbread and a range of subsequent new build hotels. We have also carried out extensive work for a small 5 star hotel chain producing a detailed matrix of measures that guided the development over the next 5-10 years moving them steadily to lower energy use and greater efficiency. A key part of this strategy has been to identify key performance indicators, for hotels this is mainly aimed at addressing client dissatisfaction and we have made the addressing of these issues a central part of the strategy. Read more about our work here.

I have become very interested in the work of the AECB and after attending an annual conference have been considering ways I can get involved. The Hampshire group needed reviving and with the support now available centrally from the AECB, this is a good time to kick start this busy part of the country and I hope we will get lots of support to create a matrix of competence. Individually we can make a difference but as a group we can achieve much more!

Email Martin

There are no upcoming events at this time

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Welcome to the AECB Forums Hampshire group

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    James Allen

    Chat to members of the Hampshire group here.

    Tiffany Lewins


    I believe Hampshire group is going to be my most local group, being in Wiltshire on the border of Hampshire. Does anyone have any insight as to where suggested get-togethers will take place?

    Look forward to meeting other members.

    Kind regards,

    Ken Neal

    Hi! Martin

    I have been a long time supporter and member of the Hampshire Group although I live about 200 metres into Berkshire.

    I would be grateful to be included in any future correspondence about the group and its activities, please.


    Ken Neal

    Ben Fazakerley

    Does the Hampshire group have any plans for a meet-up in the new year?

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