Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Part F & L building regulations consultation

Designers, engineers, builders, home owners, renters: take climate action this week

In the context of the climate emergency it is crucial that as soon as possible and ‘as standard’ that we build better: low carbon, more energy efficient, climate-safe, healthy buildings. Getting buildings right is fundamental for the delivery of the legally binding requirements of the UK Climate Change Act. Yet the current government proposals currently out for public consultation for a weakening of the building regulations and linked to a late starting and vaguely defined ‘Future Homes standard’ appear to take us in the exact opposite direction. New buildings must not become a climate-change millstone around our necks, needing retrofitting – at great cost – in the future. Every new building added to the UK stock requires heating and power: whilst the national grid is decarbonising, abandoning fossil fuel heating for electric heating across the UK requires a huge increase in low carbon heat generation and distribution. Building new houses to better standards makes this national task easier and more affordable as well as minimising people’s utility bills and making for healthier, happier homes.

If you are looking to take meaningful climate action, then responding to this crucial consultation is important – this week. You have till Friday evening at 11.45 p.m. to do so. The AECB has prepared a short video to explain the issues and to guide those of you who want to make your own submission. It’s easier than you think – please watch, share and make a submission.