NatSol Ltd: Compus Full Access Compost Toilet System Winner of the 2013 Loo of the Year Awards

Last year the Stoerhead Lighthouse Walker’s Car Park toilet in Assynt, Scotland was installed using AECB member Natsol’s Compus Full Access compost system with the latest stainless steel pedestal design.  All at Natsol and in Assynt were delighted when the toilet went on to win two categories in the 2013 Loo of the Year Awards.  It was the 26th year of the Loo of the Year Awards and there were over 1400 entries nationwide.  Each entry was inspected individually and graded on different criteria.   Assynt’s Natsol compost toilet won the Best Scottish Eco Friendly Toilet and the Best Scottish Car Park Toilet.  The accolades made the BBC news in December.

A £1 charge has been placed on the Stoerhead Lighthouse toilet from the outset.  In the first few weeks it raised over £800 for the Assynt Community Association.  Natsol are proud to have provided the compost toilet for such a worthy project and look forward to being involved in many more great projects in 2014.  For further information visit