News from the Local Groups

Hampshire Local Group

The  Hampshire Local Group held their December meeting at the premises of Greenwood (owned by Zehnder) in Sussex.  Those attending learned much from both the technical presentation as well as the tour of the MVHR training facilities and exhibition areas of ventilation products. It was an opportunity to see mock-ups of the various parts of the installations and have frank discussions amongst ourselves as well as the Zehnder ‘techie’ guys on hand.

Although Zehnder concentrates on products for Passivhaus – it is a founder member of the UK Passivhaus Trust – Greenwood has been designing ventilation systems for many years in the UK and the meeting also touched on various options for buildings where a high level of airtightness is not possible/viable.

London Local Group – Visit to Mayville Centre, Islington

The London Local Group enjoyed a visit to the Mayville Centre, a community centre refurbished and redesigned by award winning Bere Architects to Passivhaus standards.  The project was featured at the recent UK Passivhaus conference.

The Mayville Centre is the UK’s first non-domestic Passivhaus-certified energy saving retrofit is very relevant to solving the problems of under-performing solid-wall housing blocks, offices and schools in the UK.