Putting the radical into retrofit

Green Building Store staff share their experiences of the AECB CarbonLite Retrofit course Four Green Building Store staff are currently at different stages of the CarbonLite Retrofit course and finding that it is helping feeding into their work at the company. Bill Butcher, Director of Green Building Store, also teaches  the construction seminar on the CarbonLite Retrofit course.   Technical support for windows Luke Gilman and Emma Platt, Managers from the Windows Department, have been undertaking the course to help give them technical background when discussing window installation and detailing in retrofit projects, as part of its free product technical » Read More

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Extinction Rebellion

Somewhat to his own surprise, Chris found himself participating in one of the largest ‘acts of peaceful civil disobedience in the UK in decades’  – the blocking of several London bridges with around 6,000 other Extinction Rebellion protestors seeking to use nonviolent protest to force policymakers and government institutions to accept that climate change is both an existential crisis – and an extinction threat. Chris suggests that we each need to reflect deeply on our response to the existential threat we clearly face.  Getting involved in Extinction Rebellion could be a natural response.  Another focus for protest could be to pressure local councils to » Read More

Posted in AECB general news, Green Memes on December 18th, 2018

CarbonLite Retrofit Training: gearing up for 2019

Following the climate change talks in Katowice this month, the urgent need to cut carbon emissions is recognised more widely around the world than ever before. And the need to get low energy retrofit right in the UK ties in with this: the PAS2030 energy efficiency installation standard will soon be joined by its “design” sibling, PAS2035. The CarbonLite Retrofit (CLR) online course is one of a small number of courses in the UK providing training in the area of building physics and moisture robust retrofit. We’ll be announcing more as the PAS2035 itself reaches final form, including how those » Read More

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Green Memes 1: AECB’s successful formula? Sufficiency + Efficiency = Sustainability

      One of 2018’s most striking viral images was a side-by-side of two heat maps comparing this summer’s heatwave with that of the famously scorching British summer of 1976. On the 1976 map, Britain stands out as a red-hot island against continents coloured in cool shades of blue. Outside the UK, most of the planet experienced a cooler than average summer that year. On this year’s map, however, Britain is just one blob of red among continents ranging in tone from yellow and orange through to deep crimson. “The world’s on fire,” read the front page headline of » Read More

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Green Memes Intro: the future of our industry, society and planet

The recent flurry of alarming reports on the precarious state of the global environment seems to have re-focused many in the green movement on the need for radical and meaningful action to protect the planet. First, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported its finding that we have just 12 years to keep the world under 1.5C of global warming. Then the WWF’s Living Planet report concluded that global wildlife populations have decreased by 60% since the 1970s, threatening the ecological support systems that underpin human civilisation. But in this somewhat frightening context, what can those in the sustainable building » Read More

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In Memory of Neil May, MBE

NEIL MAY   Neil cared deeply about people, places and buildings.  Through his energy, enthusiasm and intellectual rigour he made profound changes to our understanding of buildings as systems.  It is easy in the construction industry to maintain a narrow focus on technical matters, from energy efficiency to the role of moisture in buildings.  But Neil went far beyond this, caring deeply about people and what it is to be truly human.  His understanding of sustainability was both fully grounded in technical understanding of his subject, but ultimately and much more importantly, it was also grounded in what he took » Read More

Posted in AECB Latest News on November 22nd, 2018

Facing up to the challenge at the AECB 2018 Convention

This year’s AECB convention took place in the beautiful surrounds of the Herefordshire countryside, with delegates from all over the country gathering at the UK’s first Passivhaus Village Hall. One delegate, Lois Hurst, sums it up well: Although I’ve been a member for some 3 years, it was my first AECB event, and really enjoyable (and that’s without acknowledging the excellent food!) – quite different to some of the stuffier conferences I’ve attended in my earlier career. I met so many interesting, passionate and genuine people; I really sensed a different purpose amongst the AECB delegates to the highly commercially » Read More

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a soapbox

Effective plans for our future

Tim Martel argues for policies we need to see from the government for a convincing response to climate change After this summer, 72% of British adults are now ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ concerned about the impacts of climate change. Is the UK on track to a sustainable future with its actions? Only in the power sector. All other sectors have remained about the same. The past 10 years have been full of suggestions of small changes people could do, but unfortunately few take them up. What if the UK got serious about progress? We’re up against major polluters that spend 10 » Read More

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Welcome to our new members!

Welcome to our new members - Native Ecology, Mac Eye Projects, A D Practice and Paper House Project, as well as many supporting individuals.

Posted in AECB Latest News on October 19th, 2018

Passivhaus Contractor Training now available as part of AECB CarbonLite

A new 2-day course tailored to all contractors and builders involved or interested in low-energy building at any level has been added to the AECB CarbonLite training programme. The course centres on core Passivhaus (fabric-first) building techniques that are suitable for every level of new build and renovation project, and includes both theoretical & practical sessions. In addition, there are optional revision & exam sessions available for those wanting to become qualified as a Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson, which is one of the highest international quality marks available to demonstrate competence in the field of low-energy construction. The first date scheduled for this new training opportunity » Read More

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