AECB CarbonLite Passivhaus training – become a certified Passivhaus designer!

Join like minded people in London this May & take the Passivhaus designer examination.


1. Take the relevant modules as a course

8th -11th May: Learn about the fundamentals, science and construction methods needed to achieve Passivhaus.

22nd-26th May: This week covers the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP), building services for Passivhaus and a revision session to prepare you for the exam.

2. Take the Passivhaus Designer Exam

9th June: Take the Passivhaus Designer Examination to become a Certified Passivhaus Designer/Consultant.

Our trainers have been involved in the design, construction and certification of many successful Passivhaus projects in different sectors.  Gain the practical and theoretical skills to achieve successful low energy buildings.

 Book in advance and enjoy the early bird rate! Email or visit the AECB Training Pages here or call us on 01752 542546.