Podcast: “House Planning Help”

AECB member and owner of Regen Media, Ben Adam-Smith has recently launched a podcast investigating the homes we should be building in the 21st century. As a newcomer to the construction world, he hopes to be asking the questions that any person looking to renovate or build a new home might have. Having the time and passion to do on-going research, Ben believes that the podcasts will provide access to information from experts with whom people might not otherwise engage.

Having found the AECB a great meeting of minds, he has already interviewed several members in addition to Dr Wolfgang Feist. The podcast aims to look at house building as a whole, considering that everything that is built will have an effect on the areal, covering a wide range of issues from style, sustainability and energy efficiency to community, landscaping and much more.

The podcast will be available to download from iTunes from 1st August 2012 with a new episode every fortnight. Find out more at www.houseplanninghelp.com