Post-Fossil Fuel Building Construction and Materials – AECB report by David Olivier

The UK has a policy of reaching ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 2050. This document briefly outlines moving towards a future in which buildings would be constructed, and materials manufactured, with ‘net zero’ GHG emissions.

The report excludes production of renewable materials, e.g. timber, bamboo, but describes how most other major material-producing industries operate and need to change to approach net zero. Examples include cement and concrete; fired clay bricks, paviors and tiles; calcium silicate; steel and aluminium.

As the report explains, given the chemistry involved in producing most materials, residual GHG emissions are unavoidable. To reach net zero, the report sets out a modest role for Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) as an essential part of an urgent climate protection policy.