Publication : Passivhaus vs. the UK approach – a non technical comparison of the different principles

I’ve been working with Passivhaus for a year now, having previously worked with the UK approach of SAP and Building Regulations. The technical differences are interesting, but the subtle differences in principles are where we have the most potential to learn.

It’s important to recognise their common ground, and by ‘they’ we are really talking about two different ways influencing the design of a building in order to reduce its energy use. We are not really talking about which is easier or harder, the Passivhaus standard is clearly more demanding, we are talking about different principles.

They both use a model to predict energy use, Passivhaus uses the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP), and the current UK approach uses SAP 2009. They also both have a set of targets against which compliance is judged – the Passivhaus standard and the Building Regulations Part L.

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