Self Build Passivhaus Shortlisted for Three Built It Awards

Steel Farm Passivhaus has been shortlisted for three Built It Awards, the awards hosted by the self build magazine Built It.

The house could win an award for Best Value Home, Best Eco Home and Best Masonry Home. The awards ceremony takes place on the 24th September 2015.

Architect Mark Siddall says “Being nominated is fantastic. Winning just one award would be superb. All three? That would be mind blowing.”

With Steel Farm having won a Passivhaus Award earlier this year Mark finds himself hoping that the house wins for Best Value. More than anything he thinks that would reflect the care and deliberation invested the project. It would also reflect the effort that everyone put in, including owners Trevor and Judith Gospel, services engineer Alan Clarke and the building contractor JD Joinery and Building.

You can learn more about the Steel Farm in the in depth 3 part documentary series at