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Principal Contact Andrew Warren
Address Units 5 & 6 Maesyllan Enterprise Park Llanidloes Powys SY18 6DF Wales
Phone 01686412653

Legal Details

Date established 2005
Legal status Limited Company
Membership of Professional Bodies AECB
Number of People in the business 2-5

Profile : NatSol Ltd

Business Sector


Business description

We are the leading UK manufacturers of waterless composting toilets. We supply remote sites including allotments, rural churches, nature reserves, parks, fishing clubs, garden studios, campsites etc. We have standard buildings and will assist with bespoke design. Please visit website for full details


Composting Toilets

Main business activities

  • Design, manufacture and supply of full access composting toilets
  • Manufacture and supply of standard and bespoke buildings
  • Design support for architects
  • Solving sanitation challenges on remote sites
  • Supply of compost toilet components


Company philosophy

We aim for robust simplicity in design and operation, and quality in manufacture. Our toilets are designed to function well in the UK climate and do not rely on evaporation of urine. We are committed to appropriate solutions and will not knowingly sell you a product unless we believe that it is the best solution for your situation based on the available information.

Materials Sourcing

We use high quality materials for durability and repairability. Our toilet vaults are manufactured from glass reinforced concrete and have an 80 year design life. Timber buildings are clad with locally sourced, naturally durable Western Red Cedar. Our toilet pedestals are stainless steel. Cladding on metal buildings has a 30 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Energy Efficiency

Almost all our toilets are passively vented and do not require any mains services. Both directors have worked as energy consultants and NatSol's work premises have been substantially renovated for energy efficiency.

NatSol Ltd : Projects

Accessible toilets for Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre at Burscough

Project Date 2012
image of Accessible toilets for Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre at Burscough
Two non-flushing toilets on this nature reserve open to the public.

scope The supply of two toilet systems complete with twin vault chambers, urine separating pedestal, adult & child urinals, ventilation components and grab rails to serve a busy wetland reserve. Assisting clients to design their own compatible building. The vaults were customised so that the two toilets could be placed close together. After sales support as necessary.
aims To supply low maintenance waterless accessible toilets on a site with high water table and no sewage connection. Operation intelligible and acceptable to public. No discernible odour under normal operation. Waterless hand cleansing.
measures Zero water use, minimal concrete use, passive ventialtion. Robust operation requiring little maintenance other than regular cleaning - as one would expect with any toilet installation. Hand cleansing through the use of disinfectant gel dispensers.
monitoring Product functioning well one year after installation.

An accessible compost toilet for Mudlarks In Hertfordshire.

Project Date 2013
image of An accessible compost toilet for Mudlarks In Hertfordshire.
The interior of the toilet (before painting) showing the new stainless pedestal of the Mk 3 design.

scope The supply of an accessible toilet system complete with twin vault chamber, urine separating pedestal, urinal, ventilation components to serve an organisation providing facilities for adults with learning difficulties on an allotment site in Hertfordshire. NatSol also supplied the timber building. After sales support as necessary. This toilet replaced another make of compost toilet relying on evaporation of urine which had failed.
aims To supply a low maintenance waterless toilet with no freezing risk on a remote site without mains sewage connection. Waterless hand cleansing required and no discernible odour under normal operation.
measures Zero water use, minimal concrete use, passive ventilation. Robust operation requiring little maintenance other than regular cleaning. Alcohol gel hand gel dispensers. Full grab rail set fitted. Accessible door furniture and operation.
monitoring No routine monitoring planned other than courtesy call after twelve months.

Salen Forest public toilet

Project Date 2007
image of Salen Forest public toilet
Building by Chris Morgan, toilet components supplied by NatSol.

scope Assisting the Architect Chris Morgan of Locate Architects to design a building compatible with the toilet components supplied by NatSol for this remote Scottish site.
aims To provide a low maintenance, waterless public toilet without freezing risk for a remote forestry site without any mains services. The toilet needed to be wheelchair accessible and have low impact on this ecologically sensitive site.
measures The toilet has passive ventilation and alcohol gel dispensers for hand cleansing. Electricity for lighting is supplied by a PV panel with low energy bulbs operated by occupancy sensors.
monitoring Has been operating trouble free for 6 years.
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