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Principal Contact Geoff Stow
Address 204 Pennsylvania Road Exeter Devon EX4 5DZ England
Phone 01392 272475

Legal Details

Legal status Sole Trader
Number of People in the business 1

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Business description

Advice and Traing for those interested in self build housing. My main area of expertise is Timber Framing. Much of my work is with those in housing need and see forming a self build group as the best way to improve their housing situation.
I have built my own home and site managed 2 group self build projects. I have also been a development worker with the Walter Segal Self Build Trust of which I am still a director.


Self Build

Main business activities

  • Self Build Advice and Training


AECB Member Profile : Projects

Hedgehog Self Build, Brighton

scope Site Manager. The scheme was for 10 highly insulated timber frame bungalows. The self builders were involved in many aspects of the design and finish these decisions were co-ordinated through me. The completed scheme is very popular with the tennants who have created a genuine community.
aims My main areas of responcibility were to make sure ther self builders had the skills and materials to build the houses well and safely.
measures Working withing Housing Assoc limits the houses were wel above building regs in terms of insulation and "environmentally friendly" paints and stains were widely used. The houses had grass roofs and the whole site had a basic SUDS system.
monitoring unfortunately no formal monitoring has been undertaken although the selfbuilders do say the houses are cheap to heat. A lot of care was taken with detailing and installing the insulation. But in retrospect I think we could have done more in terms of airtightness.

Introduction to Timber Frame Self Build Courses

scope I designed and run this one day course throughout the country.
aims The course looks at finance and financial control, building methods, timber framing in detail, Insulation, U Values and legal responcibilities.
measures The focus of the course is based around environmental issues. mainly energy efficiency and materials.
monitoring Eaach couse participant is asked to return a feed back form. These are carefully studied and points noted. The feed back is very positive .
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