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Trading Name Bauwer
Principal Contact Alexander Trykhodco
Address 2405 Beetham Tower 111 Old Hall Street Liverpool Merseyside L3 9BD England
Phone 01515580890

Legal Details

Legal status Limited Company

Profile : Bauwer Group Limited

Business Sector


Business description

Manufacturers and suppliers of sustainable perlite and vermiculite based insulated plaster and render, designed for application in the renovation of traditional buildings and eco-friendly new build projects.


Sustainable, eco-friendly insulated plaster and render supply

Main business activities

  • Eco-friendly and cost efficient insulation
  • Insulated plaster
  • Insulated render
  • Insulated floor screed
  • Natural, high quality building materials


Company philosophy

We strive to understand the demands and expectation of our customers. We offer eco friendly, sustainable and highest quality insulation plaster and render solutions at unbeatable cost. As a family-owned business, our aim is to give you the best product and service possible.

Environmental Policy

Bauwer Group has developed and implemented innovative and environmental friendly production processes of inorganic mineral fillers. Instead of gas and diesel fuel, which are used in a classic processing technology, we use electricity. This method proved to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our efficient technology of minerals vermiculite and perlite swelling are protected by patents in the EU. We are continuously working to improve our performance and to simplify our sourcing, manufacturing and distribution processes. Moreover, we continuously improving our environmental performance by reducing energy consumption in every part of our supply chain.

Materials Sourcing

Known reserves of perlite will be available for many generations. In the past 60 years less than 1% of the world’s perlite reserve was used.

Energy Efficiency

We commit all our energy to save yours! We provide insulated plaster, render and floor screed solutions in order to improve energy efficiency of the buildings. We also seek to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing and distributing processes.

Reducing the environmental footprint of the business

We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint and energy use in every part of the Bauwer Group supply chain.

Bauwer Group Limited : Projects

Internal insulation of a luxury detached house in central London

Project Date 2016
image of Internal insulation of a luxury detached house in central London
scope We supplied Bauwer Standard insulated plaster and Bauwer Finish for the project.
aims Bauwer Wall Insulation. Applied internally to the building, 240m2 at 40mm thickness. Bauwer Standard insulated plaster and Bauwer Finsih used.
measures We suggested improving the thermal performance of the building by using Bauwer Standard insulated plaster. This is around 25% better thermal performance vs completion (Secil ecoCORK) for the 40% lower cost.
monitoring Project Status: In progress
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