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Principal Contact Peter Warm
Address 3 Admirals Hard Plymouth Devon PL1 3RJ England
Phone 01752542546

Legal Details

Legal status partnership
Insurance PI £1 million
Membership of Professional Bodies MIE
Number of People in the business 1

Profile : AECB Member Profile

Business Sector

Building services/energy consultancy

Business description

Environment Conscious Building Services Design. I love working to make the building shell itself perform the traditional service function; light from the sky; ventilation from the breeze; heat from the sun; rain from the roof ..... I specialise in taking simple concepts and making them work in real engineering terms.


Buildings Energy Consultant

Main business activities

  • Superinsulation avoiding thermal bridges
  • Air pressure tests
  • Training for architects etc in low energy design
  • Energy Consultants
  • Building Services Engineering (out)

Scope of Work

I work on my own or with coleagues as appropriate


Environmental Policy

This practice exists to design Environment Conscious Buildings Services such as Heating, Lighting, Ventilation, Water,
Electrics and Drainage. We recognise that the building process impacts on the environment not only during
construction, but especially in the use of services during it’s lifetime, and ultimately during demolition for reuse. It is
our policy to design sustainably for the longer term , within the practical constraints of the building process.

In pursuing this policy it is the objective of this partnership to:

1. Continually deepen our understanding of how we can design buildings that provide the services requested with least
impact on the environment, and translate this into innovative designs.

2. Listen to our clients; to understand the individual nature of their business. From understanding comes opportunities
for relevant and timely environmental advice.

3. Be conscious of sustainability in our own lifestyles and the way we conduct our business.

4. Return to our client’s buildings after they are built, and seek out feedback on how successful our work has been.

5. Take part in Professional Development, particularly in the area of Environmental Building Services.

6. Give talks, workshops or any other manner of sharing any environmental knowledge we have gained.

Materials Sourcing

see above

Energy Efficiency

see above

Reducing the environmental footprint of the business

see above

AECB Member Profile : Projects

10 Hillcrest Park - very well insulated house

Project Date 2005
image of 10 Hillcrest Park - very well insulated house
scope Developer
aims Design and oversee build
measures Superinsulation and airtightness
250mm fully filled cavity, 300mm insulated I beam roof, airtight to 1.5 m/h@50Pa, fantastic daylighting, Ifo Wcs etc
monitoring So far elect 200% national average, gas 10% national average. Guess they are heating it on the tumble dryer?
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