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Comments about being an AECB member 

"We have now completed our new build, having very much valued the help received from AECB in establishing the energy standards that we’ve incorporated into our new home."

Roger, Self Builder, Wales

"The AECB offers me a true insight into what does and doesn’t work in low impact/low carbon building methods.  The sharing of knowledge, very freely, is a key to the AECB’s success and attraction to me as a member."

Derek, Wiltshire

"Membership allows us to connect with an extensive range of key organisations & individuals, whilst accessing the latest news & ideas on sustainable design principles. As Passivhaus accredited designers, the information and best practice shared, means we stay up to date with the latest developments and innovations in the industry."

Simon at Cundall, London

Here are a few more comments by AECB members about their experiences of the benefits AECB membership can bring:
"Membership has been a huge benefit in regenerating the estate sustainably over the last decade which has seen our carbon emissions from the built environment drop by 41% and the associated energy savings approaching £10m. This has been assisted by a fabric first approach & adopting some of the expertise and knowledge base that exists in the AECB membership."
Russell, University of Bradford
"The group visits are hugely rewarding, not only do you see live projects but you meet so many interesting people who are passionate about building and keen to share their knowledge and experience."
Tabitha, Supporting Individual, Powys
"It is very useful to be involved in this community, keeping aware of what people are doing and new developments.  Membership is a valuable asset to my oak framing business."
Oli, Five Oak Projects Ltd
"Just to let you know I have also just placed an order from Greenbuilding store and picked up lots of Proclima material with an additional 2.5% discount because of the AECB membership. This is fantastic!"
Karin, North Yorkshire
"AECB membership has benefited me greatly as I embarked on renovating and extending our family home.  I learnt so much about things like Passive House. The resources gave me the confidence to buy and install an MVHR system and I’ve sourced a thermally efficient front door with my new found knowledge."
Mark, Kent
"I joined the AECB to continue my education of sustainable building. Being able to access CarbonLite literature and the forums have been a fantastic asset to my year. I will continue to use these in order to provide professional interviews for my thesis and hopefully gain some feedback in the process."
Andy, Oxford Brookes University

sole trader
"I have been a member of AECB for some time and find it an extremely useful and inspiring organisation."

Chris, Lincolnshire

"I have been a member of AECB since hosting a conference on eco-building in 1990.I have followed the content of the magazine over the years and found it very helpful.  It is interesting that much of the thinking pioneered by AECB and perceived as radical 25 years ago has now become very much mainstream; keep […]"

John, Lancashire

sole trader
"I continue to be a member as the AECB are an organisation that offers a true holistic approach to environmentally conscious design, with full contribution from its members at grass roots level as well as working at the highest level of government influence – whilst remaining approachable & realistic."

Nick, West Yorkshire

This is what our members had to say about Carbonlite Training


CarbonliteTo read more about this online training or to book a course, click here.

“Thank you to all at Warm for a fantastic 2 weeks of training. The quality of the training was excellent and I will certainly recommend this course to anyone who asks. Maximum value was squeezed into each day of the course and the expertise and knowledge of the trainers was evident to see.”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the wonderful two weeks of training you have provided. I haven’t absorbed this quantity of valuable information in such a short time during any of my previous training or education. It is a credit to you all that you made this possible. This achievement was, I believe, largely due to: the use of different members of your team and other specialists and the consistency of the teaching. The variety of tutors added interest and maximised tutors’ strengths, and the consistency reinforced my understanding.”

“It was an excellent experience. It was a real pleasure to be involved with this course, the tutors and my fellow students. Teaching – I thought the course tutors were really good.”

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it. What’s more many of my clients are very intrigued by the whole concept and are looking to embrace it following my discussions with them. The course itself, I thought was well prepared and got the right balance between calculations and theory.”

Comments about our CarbonLite Retrofit Training


student on courseTo read more about this training or to book a course, click here.

I wish this course had been available at the start of my career” Daren, Architectural Technologist

A superb course” Lois, Environmental scientist and currently retrofitting own home

The knowledge gained from this course and how it will assist me in my work is well worth the time and very reasonable cost at the outset” Richard, Passivhaus Designer

The course has exceeded my expectations” Jon, Property Manager


Comments about our Design Guidance Passivhaus/Gold Standard

design guidanceFind out more about the Passivhaus/Gold Standard here.

“Brilliant stuff, been waiting for this.”

“A shame you can’t get more of your standards incorporated into Building Control.”

“Like other AECB self builders, I spent ages trying to figure out difficult details on a very demanding barn rebuild. I am enormously indebted to all the good advice that AECB members have given me over the last few years.  Having published details makes understanding the issues and details much easier. Now well into my building project I have learnt lots of lessons through my own mistakes and by relooking at past advice Im now running the occasional course introducing the basics of sustainable building and I shall continue to urge all those who attend to join the AECB and check out the gold details.”

“I applaud the hard work and thoroughness of the long awaited Gold Standard.”

“Well done for producing the detail needed for low energy houses.  It’s about time this sort of detail became easily accessible.”

“Such a brilliant achievement and glad it’s being so positively received by those with influence. Hope the take up by widespread practitioners is good. As a consequence of membership download it will surely swell AECB membership numbers quite a bit. Anyway much gratitude and congratulations to everyone involved.”

“This is an excellent publication with very useful and detailed explanations of the details shown –  a rare document. Who were the authors, they deserve many congratulations.”

“I feel design details of this nature can only be of benefit to the wider house building industry to enable it to construct genuinely energy efficient buildings. Well done and many thanks to all concerned in their development.”

“Well the authors should be wined and dined to their hearts content. Can’t praise it highly enough!” 

“I will soon be commencing details for a new detached house on a site we own that I have already gained a planning consent for, I have my own architectural practice and am very keen to adopt your Passive Haus Gold Standard. The site and design ticks all the right boxes to accomodate these standards easily and I consider that not only will this approach have a positive effect on resale values in the current climate but also that my practice will benefit from the kudos and experience of delivering such a building.”

“The opportunity to read the design specification before I start my design will be very useful and the main reason I joined the AECB.”


Comments about our Conferences

2015 ConferenceRead more about the latest conference here

Have not been for some years, so good to catch up with people and I really enjoyed it“(2015)

The opportunity to network, discuss ideas, learn from others experiences and see different opinions” (2015)

“It was great being amongst so many experts, and being able to network with so many like minded individuals” (2015)

Enthusiastic, impressive and generous lecturers – describing real life projects including the problematic issues and sharing dedicated research” (2015)

How friendly everyone is. I never feel afraid to ask questions, despite feeling that everyone knows more than me! I tend to attend each conference with a project problem in mind and solve most of it while there, however I also realise more potential problems as well, but that is also useful of course.” (2015)

This is a conference I really enjoy attending” (2015)

A great combination of useful information, the chance to chat and discuss a whole range of topics, and generally stay up to date with people” (2014)

Invigorating!” (2014)

Excellent speakers at the top of their game. Good social and an inspiring event.” (2014)


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