The AECB Milton Keynes Group Preview New Homeworld 50

The AECB Milton Keynes Group Find Out About the Fourth Great Milton Keynes Housing Exhibition

The AECB Milton Keynes Group recently saw a preview of the new Homeworld 50 ahead of the official launch.  Homeworld 50 is to be a housing festival to attract innovative homes of the future to the centre of Milton Keynes, in celebration of the town’s 50th birthday. The presentation included details of the site, opportunities and the criteria for selection and generated a great deal of debate. It is hoped that the project will showcase smart homes technology to encourage developers and designers to get involved with Homeworld 50. AECB members were able to put their thoughts directly to board members.

Homeworld 50 builds on a tradition in Milton Keynes for exciting housing exhibitions like  Homeworld 1981, EnergyWorld 1986 and Futureworld 1994. Construction of Homeworld 50 is expected in 2017/2018.