The Ellen Macarthur Foundation – 10 Circular investment opportunities to build back better

Many voices from governments, businesses, and civil society have been calling for a response to the devastating impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic that does not turn attention away from other global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution. Yet, solutions from the past will not be up to the problems we face today as the multifaceted nature of the crisis we are experiencing require new thinking and the redesign of our current economic model.

In an unprecedented response to the Covid-19 crisis, trillions in economic stimulus are being unveiled all around the world and in the next stage of their recovery plans, governments will have to decide where these funds will be allocated. The circular economy, as an instrument to decouple economic growth from resource use and environmental impact, opens up the way for a resilient recovery and a next wave of economic prosperity. By fostering innovation and competitiveness, reducing resource dependency and environmental impact, and creating
new jobs, the circular economy presents a promising way forward.

Building on research over the past 10 years on circular economy across various sectors and regions, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation identifies 10 attractive circular investment opportunities which address both short- and long-term goals by public and private sectors. This selection of opportunities spread across the five key sectors of built environment, mobility, food, fashion, and plastic packaging. Each sector is independently explored in a series of Insight papers, along with pieces offering perspectives on policy outlook.

These can be found at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation page: Policy & investment opportunities shaping a resilient and low-carbon economic recovery.