The future of SAP and RdSAP

Context for this survey: The SAP/RdSAP 11 scoping project

This survey is part of a scoping project to help shape the future of SAP/RdSAP, in order to best support the Government policies relying on its outputs.

The project will provide a series of recommendations to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on what SAP/RdSAP 11 will need to model, and how, to produce reliable, pertinent and comparable energy assessments of homes in the future. It is intended to help shape the SAP/RdSAP 11 methodological development, which will be implemented alongside the Future Homes Standard.

With this survey, the project team hope to gather evidence and initial feedback to support the scoping review and emerging recommendations. All responses will be treated anonymously, and respondents will not be contacted afterwards.

The deadline for responses is Tuesday 1st December 5pm.