Toilet revolution

Founded in 2012, Toilet Revolution supply the largest range of waterless toilets and urinals in the UK. Our biggest challenge is increasing awareness of waterless toilet products so becoming members of the AECB was a big step forward for us. Customers find our site through the AECB and potential customers become aware of our niche technologies through AECB publications.

We supply composting toilets for all applications. There are units that run on AC power, DC power or no power. In applications where there is AC power, it is often a choice between the Sun Mar Excel (left) and the Separett Villa 9000 (right). The Sun Mar does not separate urine and solids so the waste is moist enough to break down to compost inside the unit. The Separett diverts the urine, so the material is too dry to break down in the unit. It is composted outside later. There are versions of these products that run on DC power which run off a battery that can be charged by a small solar panel. There are also versions that have containers below the floor for higher capacity applications.

There are also units that need no power. Biolan, from Finland, specialise in this area. They make a range of robust, non-electric toilets. The functionality options are the same as the electric units where there is an option for the urine to be separated or not. The non-separating unit (left) is the Biolan Eco which is heavily insulted to retain the heat from composting to fuel faster breakdown. The separating unit (right) collects the dry waste for composting later.

All the units shown here are installed in the UK. We have  hundreds of installations.There are options for all applications so contact us for expert advice on which unit is suitable for your needs.

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