Trial Phase of a new Supply Air (Pre Heating) Window

AECB members, Solearth Architecture Limited are one of three small SMEs completing development of a new supply air (pre heating) window.  As part of the post research pre launch phase, Solearth Architecture would like to invite an AECB member who may be installing windows (retrofit ideally) in projects in the UK this summer to contact them.  The cost of the windows would be subsidised and subject to online monitoring for the first 9 to 12 months and then are granted to the building owner.

It is claimed that the windows achieve static U values close to or equal to passive standard before any energy gains from the pre heating functions are taken into account monitoring.  Initial studies and tests by Fraunhofer Institute show the windows pre heating functions reduce annual energy cost by 20 to 24% as well as providing a significant comfort improvement.  The product is fully described at

Members interested in undertaking this research and the development of this low energy product should contact Brian T O’Brien at Solearth Architecture