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GB-Sol Limited

David Sully says: “Established in 1999, GB-Sol grew out of 30 years’ experience of Energy, Environmental and Testing Services (established in 1980 in association with Cardiff University) and is now a privately owned independent UK company operating out of its Treforest Industrial Estate factory near Cardiff. GB Sol specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke engineering and architectural Solar PV panels and mounting systems including the award winning R.I.S (Roof Integrated System) and the innovative PV Slate. All of our panels are manufactured in our UK ISO9001 certified factory ensuring that they are of the highest standard in order to guarantee you get the best possible quality, performance and  value for money. I heard about the AECB from my wife who is a member, Rachel Sully Architects and Mike Whitfield is building two Passive Houses for Rachel imminently. We do offer free training on Solar PV and our products to Self Builders, Architects, Builder and Installers.”

Jake Attwood-Harris, London

Jake says: “As sustainable design advisor at Hawkins\Brown architects I advise on all aspects of sustainable design, finding creative solutions by developing project-specific tools and strategies. I have worked for engineers, consultants and architects and am a firm advocate for the benefits of an integrated design process. The role of sustainable design advisor is critical in ensuring informed decision making throughout the design process. Our experience shows early integration of sustainable principles into the brief and cost envelope ensures deliverable, durable solutions, and as such we review the sustainability credentials of all projects at startup all the way through to post occupancy evaluation. I have followed the AECB’s work for a long time and recently enrolled on an accredited Passivhaus designer course.”

Greenlite Energy Assessors, Lincolnshire

Richard Tibenham says: “Greenlite Energy Assessors provide computational dynamic thermal modelling services to aid our clients’ understanding of the thermal behavior and energy efficiency performance of their design proposals. A large proportion of the work we do focuses on ensuring that buildings do not overheat – an issue which energy efficient buildings can be prone to. To do this, we build highly detailed computational models of proposed buildings and test these models against suitable thermal comfort performance metrics. This helps manage the risk of thermal comfort issues, but can also be helpful with a range of other issues, such as energy demand calculations, HVAC systems sizing, daylight modelling and building regulations compliance. I have been aware of the AECB for a long time, having been involved in previous employment. I hope it will be able to provide a platform for developing my business and help share the knowledge that I have around the relatively niche topic of thermal simulation, to aid those aspiring to achieve environmentally conscious buildings. I also hope to benefit from further industry knowledge for my business needs and for my own domestic needs, being in the process of an eco-refurbishment project myself at present.”

Hive Architects Studio Ltd., Cheshire

Robert McGinnes says: “Hive Architects are an RIBA Chartered Practice and our services include a wide range of architectural and design work across a range of sectors. I became aware of AECB from a peer. As a small friendly practice focused on sustainability led design we are keen highly collaborative and so to be part of a community of likeminded businesses it made sense to join. Hopefully it may also help those seeking greener design to find us.”



Peter Dickinson, Lancashire

Peter says: I am a self-builder and my next project is to build a house to Passivhaus standards but with the certification from the Institute but will look at the AECB Building Standard as an alternative. Any help, ideas and suggestions gratefully received as this is my first one!

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