Yosima clay plasters from Mike Wye & Associates

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The exciting new range of YOSIMA coloured clay plasters are now available in the UK from Mike Wye and Associates.

There has been a resurgence in interest in clay plasters and most particularly thin layer coatings. Plasters made with clay are beautiful, durable, and made from inexpensive and non-toxic ingredients. Clay creates a breathable finish material with a natural capacity to regulate moisture and temperature in the surrounding air.

Unpainted clay plasters have a very particular aesthetic. Due to the shrinkage of the clay particles on drying, the plasters have an open texture even when polished. This means that light reflects and refracts on the surface in such a way that there is always variation and never a gloss sheen. This is particularly noticeable in the modern self-coloured thin layer plasters that are becoming increasingly popular.

The various different techniques for creating a suitable plaster base has made it possible to use clay plaster skim coats on almost all kinds of internal wall surfaces, whether made of concrete or clad with plasterboard or composite-wood panels.

The broad range of colours, 140 in the YOSIMA palette, now available for clay plasters has made clay plaster attractive for projects with a stronger design focus.

The breathability, hygroscopic characteristics and aesthetic qualities of clay plasters offer a healthy indoor room climate and a material that compliments and benefits the fabric of the property.

Whether in a commercial or domestic setting clay plasters have a lot to offer and deserve consideration for inclusion in any project.

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